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chicken teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki , Teriyaki sauce

In asian cuisine On May 14, 2012 0 Comments

The word teriyaki derives from the noun teri , which refers to a shine or luster given by the sugar content in the tare, and yaki , which refers to the cooking method of grilling… Read More »


Filipino Chicken Tinola soup

In Philippine Cuisine On May 10, 2012 0 Comments

In a casserole, heat oil and saute garlic, ginger, and onion until soft. Add the chicken pieces and stir-fry for about 3 minutes. Add water,stock powder and season… Read More »


Chicken Sate, Saté family recipe

In asian cuisine On January 5, 2012 0 Comments

Such an healthy and delicious recipe that became a family favourite in my home..it is also simple and fast to do that will became a first option in… Read More »


Caribbean Chicken Soup

In caribbean cuisine, soups On August 27, 2011 0 Comments

The Antilles in the Caribbean was once part of the Netherlands, Although independent The Netherlands still has great sayings in the Dutch Antilles also called the ” ABC islands… Read More »