cooking spices

Less is More,

Welcome to the first lesson on All4FOOD. These days Chefs, cooking books try to blend different recipes from over the world with new recipes. Especially supermarkets try to create dishes with the products they have on sale..just to make more profit but are these dishes tasty ? In my opinion food should be simple and pure! We do not want to confuse our tasting buds with all different flavors on a plate. This is a good example from a restaurant in NYC ” Fusion Chicken ; Tandoori Chicken on Mexican salad served with deep fried Thai egg rolls. It sounds good but in this dish we have maybe hundreds of herbs and spices which will only confuse our taste buds.So the thumb rule is never make too many flavors in one dish! People will appreciate the honesty of a normal dish. Keep this in mind when you plan to make a menu or a dish. Don not over do it.

Chef Marcel