• sweet pepper green 100 gram
  • sweet pepper red 100 gram
  • parsley 10 gram
  • chili sauce 0.5 dl
  • mayonaise 7 dl
  • hard boiled egg 1


In the 1950s, Thousand Island dressing became a standard condiment, used on sandwiches and salads alike. It is widely used in fast-food restaurants and diners in America but also is a standard in the “French cuisine” this recipe is from Eugene Pauli .


  • Measure ingredients
  • cut the sweet pepper in 4 pieces remove the seeds en cut “brunoise’
  • Chop parsley
  • Blanch the 2 colours sweet pepper en shock them in ice water
  • drain the sweet pepper once its cold and put them in a bowl
  • add chili sauce and mayonaise
  • chop the boiled eggs or push them through a strainer
  • add parsley and stir with spatula

Uses for sandwiches, salads etc etc .