I did an effort in making a overview for different kind of meats and their cooking stages. We all know the terms Welldone, rare, medium etc etc . But what if you are not a trained chef and want to cook the perfect roast or steak or prawns? Do not worry just buy yourself a core temperature meter.

They come in all different sizes analog or digital fancy or basic…but what they all do is messure the temperature where you want it to be.

Just remember this basic rule.. In order to have a tasty and not dry steak ” cook at lower temperatures then you think” this will say dont put a roast in the oven with 200 degrees celcius… try to set the temp on 100 celcius and let the roast climb to that temp you want. This will result that the steak or roast keeps there blood because the cells dont over expand by too much heat. So when you prepare a roast or steak you first of all brown them all arround . you do that by bake in enough butter (that turned a bit brown when you heated it) in a pan and close all the cells on the outside. Take your roast out of the pan and place it in a dish in the oven. Set your temp on example 100 degrees  and check in an hour how far your roast is with the core temperature. It just can’t miss!

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now here are the overview for the different type of meats and products :

You see that beef has all the products you want to prepare as well as the lamb. It doesn’t matter if it is a steak or a roast …these are the temperatures.




  I really hope you appreciate the effort i put in these overviews. And i hope your next roat or steak will be as tasty as the 5 star restaurant in your local area.