• 4 kilo lamb bones/joints/cuts
  • 6 liter water
  • 500 gram bouget
  • 4 gram thyme
  • 10 gram black pepper crushed
  • 3 pieces bay leaves
  • 2 garlic
  • 4 gram rosemary (fresh)


Depending on what you want you can either brown the bones or not. When browning you will get brown lamb fond ( which for me has better taste) but

if you want to make a ragout/salpicon it is better not to brown your bones

1. brown bones and joint cuts etc in an oven of 200 ° C ( about 1 hour) or if you dont want a brown fond do not brown itg
2. add cold water, bouget,herbs and spices and color them with the bones for a while so everything will be a brown color or if blanc fond then place everything in the cold water

3. remove the excess fat/oil and add garlic
4. brown this for a little while with the bones
5. add a little bit of water to remove the flavor from the bottom
6. add cold water and keep till boiling point
7. degrease and remove the foam that comes up to the surface
8. do this for the coming 8 hours, remember you can not boil the fond! when to many water evaporates add some
9. place the fond through a cloth and strainer
10.cool down,make portions and keep in freezer