• 8 kilo Veal bones,joints,cut in small pieces by your butcher
  • 10 liters cold water
  • 500 gram carrot
  • 500 gram onion
  • 500 gram leek
  • 500 gram celeriac
  • 10 pieces parsley stems
  • 5 gram thyme
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 3 cloves
  • 10 gram crushed white peppers


Making this fond is without browing the bones. In PART I you can see in the flow chart that a Blanc fond is used for White sauces or making salpicons or braise fluid. Using this fond will give “BODY” and a rich flavour to all your end dishes.


  • put bones in a big pan with COLD water
  • cook this against boiling point
  • take off the grease and foam which will rise to the surface
  • add the rest of the recipe ( bouqet and spices)
  • let this cook against boiling point ( don’t let it cook!!)  for 8 hours
  • put the fluid through a strainer with a cheese cloth or stock cloth
  • let it cool down in the fridge
  • make small portions if you want and freeze this.
This BLANC FOND you can use for all base fluids in recipes for white or blond sauces,ragouts,salpicons,braise fluid and all you can think off.
POULTRY FOND  (fond de volaille ) is the same as this recipe above but instead of using veal bones you use poultry bones,wings,necks, cuts. add 3 grams of mace to the recipe.