French terms in vegetable cutting can be confusing. Ever thought what does paysanne or bouqet garni means? here is a list for the french terms in vegetable cutting.
1Jullienne  5-7cm x W 0.1mm x H 0.1mm
2 Vinchy   2 mm thick slices
3 Paysanne 1cm x W 1cm x H 0.2mm
4 rough julienne  5-7cm x W 0.2mm x H 0.2mm
5 baton  5cm x W 0.5mm x H 0.5mm
6 bouqet garni between brunoise – jardinaire ( no need to be specific )
7 Brunoise  5mm x W 5mm x H 5mm
8 Jardinaire  0.5mm x W 0.5mm x H 0.2mm
9 Macedoine  1Cm x W 1Cm x H 1Cm
10 Ciffonade sliced 0.1-0.2 mm thick
11 Printaniere shape
12 Demidoff 0.2 cm thick
13 Mirepoix  2mm x W 2mm x H 2mm
14 Bouqet matignon ( see picture )