French kitchen or recipe names can be confusing. Recipes talk about “soufle, parisienne, maxime, pont neuf, paille, lyonnaise …etc etc . In this post i try to explain the differences between cuts which is useful when you make the recipe or when you want to plan a menu.

pommes Allumettes L 4cm x w 0,4cm x H 0,4cm
pommes bloulangere 4mm thick
pommes chateau L 6cm x diameter 2 cm
pommes chips 1 mm thick
pommes Fondantes L 10 cm x diameter 8 cm
pommes Frites L 8 cm x W 1cm x H 1cm
pommes Lyonnaise 4mm thick
pommes maxime H 3cm x W 3cm x H 3cm
pommes mignonettes L 4cm x W 1cm x H 1cm
pommes natures L 6cm x diameter 4cm
pommes noisettes diameter 1.5 cm
pommes olivettes L 2.5 cm x diameter 2 cm
pommes paille L 4cm x W 0.2cm x H 0.2cm
pommes parisienne L 1.5cm x diameter 2,5cm
pommes parmentier L 1.5cm x W 1,5cm x H 1.5cm
pommes rissole L 2cm x W 2cm x H 2cm
pommes soufle 2mm thick
pommes pont neuf L 6cm x W 2cm x H 2cm